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Java 1.6 Runtime Options


To change the default pause target, see -XpauseTarget. You can also change the number of interpreted method invocations before compilation using the -XX:CompileThreshold option. -Xdebug Does nothing. file.jar The name of the JAR file to be called. By default, assertions are disabled in all packages and classes. http://evollux.net/command-line/java-vm-runtime-options.html

You can use this report to determine if you're using the most effective garbage collector for your application or not. JRockit JVM continues to support this option; however the JRockit JVM non-standard option -Xnohup provides the same functionality. -Xrs reduces usage of operating-system signals by the JVM. This option must be entered in lower case, not camel notation, as shown in the example. To limit the number of RMP connections running at the same time, you can set -Djrockit.managementserver.maxconnect.

Java Options Xmx

samplethreads=true|false Specifies whether thread sampling is enabled. None of them seem to be getting picked up by the JVM (I'm checking this by looking at the javaplugin.vm.options value when I hit 's' in the java console). If you don't take these steps, the management server will not open a port for remote access and may cause the JVM startup to halt with an error message concerning the Additionally, one would also have to specify the desired Xmx value using the java_arguments parameter to the applet; this parameter was introduced in 6u10.

Listens for a shared memory connection at that address. more hot questions question feed lang-java about us tour help blog chat data legal privacy policy work here advertising info mobile contact us feedback Technology Life / Arts Culture / Recreation The default value depends on virtual memory. Java Command Line Arguments By default, this option is enabled, and compressed pointers are used when Java heap sizes are less than 32 GB.

server no "n" If "y", listen for a debugger application to attach; otherwise, attach to the debugger application at the specified address. For JAR files, the preference is to specify version requirements in the JAR file manifest rather than on the command line. The directory server will take longer to start and "warm up" but will be more aggressively optimized to produce higher throughput. -d64 For 64-bit machines only. J2SE 1.4.2: RMP server is enabled on port 7090 SSL and authentication are not available. 5.0 R27.1 Local agent is enabled.

Positive values are bytes to prefetch. Java Option Class The value variable is a string that represents the value of the property. The young generation region of the heap is used for new objects. By default it is set to false (recording is not compressed).

Java Command Line Options Example

No messages or errors are generated. This is the default logging level if -Xverbose is used without arguments. Java Options Xmx As a result, you may not realize any benefits from using compressed pointers with large Java heap sizes. -XX:OnError=string Sets a custom command or a series of semicolon-separated commands to run Java Command Line Options Parser The maximum code cache size should not be less than the initial code cache size; see the option -XX:InitialCodeCacheSize.

Max promoted: The maximum number of objects and amount of bytes promoted by any single garbage collection of this type during the run. check my blog If you are using Oracle JRockit Real Time, set -XgcPauseTarget to below 200 ms, and don't specify a garbage collector, the garbage collector will be set to -XgcPrio : deterministic. Default Value If -XnoOpt is not set, the JVM will optimize code as usual. Use this flag if the software reference count has an impact on the Java HotSpot VM garbage collector. -XX:StartFlightRecording=parameter=value Starts a JFR recording for the Java application. Java Options Environment Variable

Prints to the screen... This is a commercial feature that works in conjunction with the -XX:+UnlockCommercialFeatures option. Commercial features are the products Oracle Java SE Advanced or Oracle Java SE Suite, as defined at the Java SE Products web page. http://evollux.net/command-line/java-command-line-options-example.html Provided for backward compatibility. -Xdiag Shows additional diagnostic messages. -Xfuture Enables strict class-file format checks that enforce close conformance to the class-file format specification.

This is a soft goal, and the Java VM will make its best effort to achieve it. Java 8 Command Line Options If value is a string with spaces, then enclose it in quotation marks (for example -Dfoo="foo bar"). -disableassertions[:[packagename]...|:classname] -da[:[packagename]...|:classname] Disables assertions. It can be useful to know the ergonomic values set by the JVM, such as the heap space size and the selected garbage collector.

Table2-10 lists the parameters available for the -Xverbose option.

The following commands are available: break Set a breakpoint when debugging the JVM to stop at the beginning of compilation of the specified method. Legal Notices The request cannot be fulfilled by the server The request cannot be fulfilled by the server Java.com Download Help How do I arrange a silent (unattended) Java installation? Why would a decision making machine decide to destroy itself? Java Command Line Classpath While it performs more garbage collections than the singlepar collector, the individual pause times of the genpar collector are shorter and it creates less fragmentation in the old generation space.

This option is similar to the Java keyword strictfp; however, that keyword applies at the class level whereas -XstrictFP applies globally. A lock on a transaction is inflated when another thread tries to access the same transaction, thereby blocking the thread that did not originally request access to the transaction. However, a Java application may choose to return any value using the API call System.exit(exitValue). 0: Successful completion >0: An error occurred See Also javac jdb javah jar Copyright © 1993, have a peek at these guys Under some circumstances, the performance of these static garbage collectors might meet your needs better than the dynamic garbage collection modes or the default collectors available with the -server or -client

DisableExplicitGC Prevents external applications from forcing expensive garbage collections. By default, the duration is not limited, and this parameter is set to 0. This field is available as of the 7u55 release. Exceptions This option does not print to screen. -XverboseTimeStamp This option adds a timestamp to the verbose printout, which can be useful when logging events.

The implementation of this option in JRockit JVM R27.1.0 represents a change from previous versions of the product. The compilation option is set at the end, after the method name. The JVM uses a similar mechanism to implement the feature of dumping thread stacks for debugging purposes. By default, this option is disabled and it is ignored (that is, treated as disabled) for classes with a recent bytecode version.

The performance overhead of this log module is low on info level. Back to the top They are also not guaranteed to be supported by all JVM implementations, and are subject to change. Note that this will normally only work on the local subnet.

pausetime The garbage collector is optimized for short pauses. This option is equivalent to the JFR.start diagnostic command that starts a recording during runtime. Exceptions None -XverboseLog This option sends messages (such as verbose output and error messages) from the Oracle JRockit JVM to the specified file instead of stderr. By default, the maximum number of nodes is set to 65,000: -XX:MaxNodeLimit=65000 -XX:MaxTrivialSize=size Sets the maximum bytecode size (in bytes) of a trivial method to be inlined.

The property variable is a string with no spaces that represents the name of the property. dontinline Prevent inlining of the specified method. Table 2-6 Default Maximum Heap Sizes Release Platform Default Maximum Heap Size R27.2 and older Windows 75% of total physical memory up to 1 GB R27.2 and older Linux, Solaris 50% Possible values are from 0 to 3.

To disable background compilation, specify -XX:-BackgroundCompilation (this is equivalent to specifying -Xbatch). -XX:CICompilerCount=threads Sets the number of compiler threads to use for compilation.