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Java Web Start Command Line Options


If a Jini service changes implementation, then it can do so without any external consultation, and just re-registers the new implementation with Jini lookup services. Thus, any subsequent launches are almost instantaneous as all the required resources are already available locally. Add two init parameters to JnlpDownloadServelt's config file. Note, starting with version 1.2 Web Start accepts JNLP startup files even if they ship with the wrong MIME type badge (e.g text/plain instead of the proper application/x-java-jnlp-file). http://evollux.net/command-line/java-command-line-options-example.html

I've hit the same dead end using Web Start 1.0.1 under Mac OS X 10.1. Although NTLM authentication is similar to the standardized and widely-used BASIC authentication, it is not exactly the same and clients expecting a BASIC authentication handshake will fail unless they have a This will obviously only work if you execute javaws with the full URL and won't work if you access it as a download link. See "How can I turn off Web Start's splash screen?" for details.

Run Jnlp From Command Line Linux

To help your user differentiate your apps hosted on the old server (e.g. You can change your proxy settings for Web Start manually by starting the Application Manager and using the Preference panel. (Select File|Preferences to get there.) You can use telnet to check Q: Why doesn't Web Start reprompt for proxy logins? You can try the SavaJe XE operating system for StrongARM devices.

How can I turn off Web Start's splash screen? If we could pass ad-hoc command-line args to javaws, then javaws apps could be more like "1st class citizen" "ordinary application". Jini is not quite management-free: a client may need to know where lookup services reside. Javaws Uninstall Web Start uses JAXP for parsing XML.

Can I use Web Start to deploy apps to mobile devices (J2ME)? Javaws Example Q: Can I update running apps? cloud7.com) from your apps hosted on the new server (e.g cloud8.com), use a different title and description in your JNLP startup file (for example, use "Whack-A-Bill @ Cloud Seven " and We solved this problem by installing Web Start not to the program folder.

However, xerces.jar includes newer DOM classes that conflict with the older DOM classes shipped with Web Start. Delete Java Cache Command Line MORE INFORMATION For more information about Java Web Start, see Java Web Start. How can I use Web Start and RMI together? only.

Javaws Example

c:/java/jws/v101/.javaws/cache) and delete the branch in the directory tree that holds your old app parts (e.g.http/Dwww.cloud7.com/P80/DMapps translating to http://www.cloud7.com:80/apps). Luigi Dragone wrote a 100% pure Java implementation of the Micropoly NTLM authentication protocol (released under the GNU GPL). Run Jnlp From Command Line Linux Centralize exception handling in java methods How to set prompt in tcsh and bash Use ant NoBannerLogger and -emacs options for bett... Javaws Download Web Start needs write-access to the registry as it add several registry entries to register Web Start as a browser helper app for jnlp extenstions and mime types.

Can I use Web Start for Intranet apps? check my blog Two Event Queues. If you want to use a specific XML parser bundled with your app, instead of whatever XML parser happens to get picked up by JAXP, you can set the property javax.xml.parsers.DocumentBuilderFactory Q: Can Web Start handle multiple XML parsers at once? Javaws Linux

A brute force method is installing your app to your local machine and then taking the image and copying it onto different machines. we could pass filenames of files to be opened. Open up the hood (that is, the Web Start cache directory e.g. this content Q: Why doesn't Sun's Javascript Web Start detection script work for my household browser?

If one of the packages changes, then the JNLP file has to be updated. Javaws Userconfig Example If this feature is important to you then maybe you could upgrade to OpenJDK. Sun has also a general application installation API in the works that seems to drag on forever.

Where do I find the javax.jnlp classes?

required). The Java Control Panel will start. From the "General" tab, select the "Settings…" button. Javaws Viewer Example: javaws http://java.sun.com/apps/draw.jnlp However, you cannot pass in arguments for your app on the command line as javaws only takes a single URL as an argument and ignores the rest.

developer's pack includes a servlet that supports bundling of Web Start apps in Web Archives (.war), and that supports the version and extension download protocols as well as jar diff generation. Links Where can I find more information about Web Start programming? See Run-Options. http://evollux.net/command-line/eclipse-command-line-options-vm.html Sun's license states that you aren't allowed to "modify" the Java runtime meaning you aren't allowed to change the code (e.g.

Run javaws with the url to the jnlp file:%JAVA_HOME%\bin\javaws http://www.foo123.com/bar/buz.jnlp2. A Jini client does not need to know how services are implemented ot even where they are located. Related 3801Is Java “pass-by-reference” or “pass-by-value”?808How do I parse command line arguments in bash?1406Is there an equivalent of 'which' on the Windows command line?348How to parse command line arguments in Java?793How You could also run this same command from a classic command prompt.

I tried javaws http://example.org/launch.jnlp But "some CLI args here" were just ignored, i think. This problem could be solved, by moving the Web Start cache to the user's area or by giving us the possibility to specify an install directory from a command line using