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static String OS_HPUX Constant string (value "hpux") indicating the platform is running on an HP/UX-based operating system. The resulting 830 * values must be of type java.lang.String. use ARCH_X86_64 instead. As the org.eclipse.core.runtime.compatibility plug-in has been removed in Eclipse 4.6 this method is not supported anymore. navigate here

Note 4: The supplied bundle context represents the plug-in to the OSGi framework. Note that if an error occurs reading the preference store from disk, an empty preference store is quietly created, initialized with defaults, and returned. Note that the plug-in's debug flag is initialized when the plug-in is started. The method Job.getJobManager() should be used instead.

Source file: Application.java 15 /** * @param workspacePath * @throws Exception if the workspace failed to be set */ private void createDawbWorkspace(IApplicationContext context) throws Exception { if (context.getArguments().get("data") != null) { A plug-in may define any number of applications; however, the platform is only capable of running one application at a time. Since: 3.0 See Also:Constant Field Values MAX_PERFORMANCE public static finalint MAX_PERFORMANCE Constant (value 5) indicating the maximum allowed value for the PREF_PLATFORM_PERFORMANCE preference setting.

For example, "http://www.example.com/". 395 * @param realm the subsection of the given server to which this 396 * authorization information applies. It is not called anymore. Implementors should call the inherited method as late as possible to ensure that any system requirements can be met. Clients are also able to acquire the EnvironmentInfo service and query it for the command-line arguments.

Authorization database is superseded by the Equinox secure storage. Preferences.IPropertyChangeListener Listener for property changes. static int FAILED_DELETE_METADATA Status code constant (value 6) indicating the platform could not delete some of its metadata. Not the answer you're looking for?

Source file: ExtensionControl.java 15 private static void loadExtensions(String extensionPointID,ELoader loader){ IExtensionRegistry registry=Platform.getExtensionRegistry(); IExtensionPoint extensionPoint=registry.getExtensionPoint(extensionPointID); IExtension[] extensions=extensionPoint.getExtensions(); for ( IExtension element : extensions) { IConfigurationElement[] elements=element.getConfigurationElements(); for ( IConfigurationElement element0 : elements) A plug-in can put itself into debug mode or the user can set a debug option to do so. This API will be deleted in a future release. Doing so gives you an executable named eclipse.exe with which you will not get this error.

Source file: ReloadCommand.java 15 @Override public Object execute(CommandLine commandLine) throws Exception { Bundle system=Platform.getBundle("system.bundle"); FrameworkWiring framework=(FrameworkWiring)system.adapt(FrameworkWiring.class); ArrayList bundles=new ArrayList(); bundles.add(Platform.getBundle("org.eclim.core")); framework.refreshBundles(bundles,new FrameworkListener[0]); return Services.getMessage("plugins.reloaded"); } Example 26 From project Eclipse, under Since: 2.0 See Also: Preferences.store(OutputStream, String), Preferences.needsSaving() initializeDefaultPluginPreferences @Deprecated protectedvoidinitializeDefaultPluginPreferences() Deprecated.This method has been refactored in the new preference mechanism to handle the case where the runtime compatibility layer does not PlatformObject An abstract superclass implementing the IAdaptable interface. Source file: AddMetadataAction.java 15 public AddMetadataAction(SpectrumEditorContributor contributor){ this.contributor=contributor; URL url=Platform.getBundle("net.bioclipse.spectrum").getEntry("/icons/add_metadata.gif"); ImageDescriptor imageDesc=ImageDescriptor.createFromURL(url); this.setImageDescriptor(imageDesc); } Example 9 From project bioclipse.vscreen, under directory /net.bioclipse.vscreen/src/net/bioclipse/vscreen/business/.

It is not called anymore. Internal method. See bug 370248 for details. Also, this list may 1237 * change over time as Eclipse comes to run on more operating environments. 1238 *

1239 * 1240 * @return the list of system architectures

Macro that reacts to the last symbol of the argument Which is faster to delete first line in file... To lookup an integer preference value for your plug-in, use Platform.getPreferencesService().getInt(, , , null). Since Eclipse 3.0 APIs of the Plugin class can be called only when the Plugin is in an active state, i.e., after it was started up and before it is shutdown. his comment is here The returned bundles are ordered in 1194 * descending bundle version order. 1195 * 1196 * @param symbolicName the symbolic name of the bundles that are to be returned. 1197 *

Since: 3.0 Plugin @Deprecated publicPlugin(IPluginDescriptordescriptor) Deprecated. The user data area is a location on the system 1121 * which is specific to the system's current user. use FileLocator.openStream(Bundle, IPath, boolean) void savePluginPreferences() Deprecated.

Note this constant has been moved from the deprecated org.eclipse.core.boot.BootLoader class and its value has not changed.

Note this constant has been moved from the deprecated org.eclipse.core.boot.BootLoader class and its value has not changed. static String OS_UNKNOWN Constant string (value "unknown") indicating the platform is running on a machine running an unknown operating system. The strange ordering of Sharkovskii Bayes regression - how is it done in comparison to standard regression? Note 1: This method is automatically invoked by the platform the first time any code in the plug-in is executed.

Using the default image instead.",imageLocation,brandPluginID); System.err.println(errorMessage); return getDefaultImage(); } } else { String format="Could not obtain the image '%s' in '%s', since the platform was not " + "running (?). You can vote up the examples you like and your votes will be used in our system to product more good examples. + Save this class to your library Example 1 Parameters:option - the name of the option to lookup Returns:the value of the requested debug option or null getLocation public staticIPathgetLocation() throws IllegalStateException Returns the location of the platform working directory. Authorization database is superseded by the Equinox secure storage.

static String getOSArch() Returns the string name of the current system architecture. See Also:Constant Field Values FAILED_WRITE_METADATA public static finalint FAILED_WRITE_METADATA Status code constant (value 5) indicating the platform could not write some of its metadata. static IContentTypeManager getContentTypeManager() Returns the content type manager. then i am facing this problem.Could u help me.

In particular, it means that Plugin APIs should not be called from overrides of Plugin(). All rights reserved.Guidelines for using Eclipse APIs. static Bundle[] getBundles(StringsymbolicName, Stringversion) Returns all bundles with the specified symbolic Implementations of shutdown() should be changed to override stop(BundleContext context) and call super.stop(context) instead of super.shutdown() .

This method is called by the platform if this class is used as a BundleActivator. static String getDebugOption(Stringoption) Returns the identified option. The content and structure of this area is defined by the plug-in, and the particular plug-in is solely responsible for any files it puts there.