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What Is Runtime Shared Libraries In Flex

To ensure that applications from any domain can access the RSL SWF file, you can use an open crossdomain.xml file such as the following: API Description ---- Compiler OEM API The intended user of this API is Flex Builder to set the order of the its Library Path. /** * Get the dependency order of when SWZ file failed to load because of flash player version the failover file (SWF) is loaded. This path is relative to the main application’s SWF file. have a peek at this web-site

If a module or sub-application requires a framework RSL that is already loaded, it will not load the RSL again. You can view the linking information for your application by using the link-report compiler option. flash actionscript-3 share|improve this question asked Oct 31 '11 at 4:57 Vishwas G 7581132 add a comment| 1 Answer 1 active oldest votes up vote 6 down vote accepted I would If the domain that are you running the application on is my-local-domain.com, then you can create a crossdomain.xml file that looks like the following:

To recompile your application with the new library, you add the library with the library-path option, as the following example shows: cd project/src mxmlc -o=../bin/app.swf -library-path+=../lib/mylib.swc app.mxml This links the library The result is a smaller SWF file size for the main application, but the application relies on external files that are loaded at run time. If the server on which the main RSL fails, Flash Player will try to load a failover RSL whose location you specify when you compile the application. By default all the dependency types are specified.

Study for your Flex/AIR ACE Exam with Attest Flex Certification Practice Exam Engine Twitter Updates RT @idangerous: Framework7 Vue plugin updated to new 0.7.0 version with support for new F7 features The following example optimizes the SWF file by using the optimizer tool: optimimzer -keep-as3-metadata Bindable Managed ChangeEvent NonCommittingChangeEvent Transient -input bin/myrsl.swf -output bin/myrsl.swf You now deploy the main application and the Flex application has type of RSL’s: Standard RSL’s: A library of classes, which are intended to use in multiple applications which are in same domain. These options instruct the compiler to exclude classes and libraries from the application, but to check links against them and prepare to load them at run time.

Changing RSL application domains in Flash BuilderTo change the application domain of an RSL in Flash Builder:Select Project > Properties. Standard RSLs can only be loaded from the same domain as the application. For more information about this report, see Examining linker dependencies. You can see this location in the flex-config.xml file.

The benefits increase as the number of applications that use the RSL increases. If this is the case, classes will not be statically linked when they exist in an RSL. Now you can recompile the application to use the library as an external RSL rather than as a library linked at compile time. Since Flash Player 10 is required to run Flex 4 applications the flex-config.xml will no longer need to specify an unsigned RSL as a failover. 2.

These RSLs are always loaded into the root application. She builds her application so that the RSLs are loaded from the Adobe web site.   Detailed Description ---- Changes to flex-config.xml The flex-config.xml will be changed to reflect two changes Viewing required RSLsBy default the compiler outputs a list of RSLs that an application uses. Suppose that each application only uses half of the components in the RSL.

The compiler does not verify the existence of the SWF file at this location at compile time. This lets the module or sub-application load other framework RSLs into the main application when they need it. More than one application uses those custom component libraries. Say i have some useful classes which i currently am using by specifying the particular folder as an "Additional source folder".

If we externalize this from application by creating signed framework RSL we can reduce the application file size. 1)    Create an application in flex, insert a label component and put some dependency.show-external-classes When set to true this option shows what classes are causing a dependency from one SWC to another (false by default). Extract the library.swf file from your RSL’s SWC file, if you haven’t done so already. You cannot use RSLs in ActionScript-only projects if the base class is Sprite or MovieClip.

Otherwise, the library.swf file will be larger than necessary. With dynamically linked RSLs, however, only the first application must load the entire 250 KB (the combined size of the application and the RSL). type The kind of hash used to create the digest.

When you use static linking, the compiler includes all referenced classes and their dependencies in the application SWF file.

Search Posts Calendar November 2008 M T W T F S S « Oct Jan » 12 3456789 10111213141516 17181920212223 24252627282930 Categories ActionSctipt Design Patterns (10) Behavioral Design Patterns (4) You should not specify "current" for the application domain when loading the OSMF or MX RSLs. Disabling RSLsYou can disable RSLs when you compile your application by setting the static-link-runtime-shared-libraries compiler option to true. You can remove the debug code and unnecessary metadata by using the optimizer tool.

This argument is optional. If it is on a different server, it must be a cross-domain or framework RSL. It might be better to build one RSL that has some extra classes than to build two RSLs, if most users will load both of them anyway. Click OK to save your changes.

Signed and unsigned RSLs Signed RSLs are libraries which are signed by Adobe. This should result in a smaller RSL. Usage Scenarios ---- Jane compiles her application at the command line with the Flex 4 SDK. The application SWF file’s size is around 71K.

This means that when you export your release build for your application (File -> Export -> Release Build) you will have a copy of the each of those 6 .swz files The following example snippet from the flex-config.xml file defines a custom RSL, MyLibrary, and instructs it to be loaded into the top-level application domain: libs/MyLibrary.swc bin/MyLibrary.swf libs/MyLibrary.swc http://fpdownload.adobe.com/pub/swz/flex/4.6.0/spark_4.6.0.swf with 1 failover. If the RSL is a cross-domain RSL, then you might also be required to deploy a crossdomain.xml file.

asked 5 years ago viewed 2812 times active 5 years ago Blog Developers, webmasters, and ninjas: what's in a job title? You also may need to delete the bin-release folder of your project first before seeing the change from recompiling. It takes default name of SWF file as ‘MyLib.swf’ at Deployment Path/URL field. Standard RSL’s get stored on clients browser cache.

Flash player checks bytes of coming RSL and computes against digest. You can specify the location of the RSL and a failover RSL in your flex-config.xml file or on the command line as parameters to the runtime-shared-library-path option. Before you use an RSL, first learn how to statically link a SWC file.