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Windows Runtime Component 7.1

Prepare a comprehensive document for installation with screen shot of each and every dailog boxes. Please log in to comment Answer this question or Comment on this question for clarity AnswerSubmit Don't be a Stranger! Thanks. But I feel the vendor is asking a bit too much here and don't recall having this much trouble wtih the Deployment Wizard that was release back in February. have a peek here

TIA Answered 02/22/2011 by: jmaclaurin Please log in to comment Please log in to comment 1 Sorry for hi-jacking...but this thread seems to still be active and is related to my I’m going to implement a simple “Hen” class and I’ll start by defining an IHen interface so the hen can cluck: C++ Copy struct __declspec(uuid("28a414b9-7553-433f-aae6-a072afe5cebd")) __declspec(novtable) IHen : IInspectable {   Yes, I was able to get it to work. This version of the SAS Suite comes with over 40 different software pieces bundled and it was a nightmare considering Wise Studio can only wrap 1.5GB before it fails.

There are three components among 22 are failing. 1. even the Start /w doesn't seem to work. Verified that the SCCM network access account was in the Domain Admin group Sine the security folks would not add the system to the Domain Users group, I had another admin Anyways, the path to the system requirements wizard wor Win 7 x64 is ..\products\sysreqwizard__92400__prt__xx__sp0__1\bundles.

Microsoft Runtimes for SAS Base 9.2 v1 – 2 6. I modified all instances to "ForceReboot=N" and now everything is installing as expected without rebooting. Your dogged persistence paid off, an object lesson for the lazier posters here. Answered 12/20/2010 by: TheInfamousOne Please log in to comment Please log in to comment 1 HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manger\FileRenameOperations I'm VERY worried...Tier 3 Support at SAS told you to delete this key (amongst

Vcredst 7.1 2. There’s no /FoBuild option. Visual C++ Runtime Redistributable package installs runtime components of Visual C++ Libraries Microsoft Component Installer SDK A tool uses to package common redistributable runtime components. Located in the SAS Depot\products\sysrequiredwizard_..........

So start your silent command line like this: [font="courier new"]setup.exe -skipadmincheck -- Mikko Järvinen[font="times new roman"] Answered 08/25/2008 by: mikkojarvinen Please log in to comment Please log in to comment If I then execute the same command line, SAS will install successfully without rebooting. "\setup.exe" -quiet -responsefile "\response.properties" -skipadmincheck I have tried preinstalling the sys requirements with no change. Microsoft Visual Basic Vegas Pro Spad HitFilm Ultimate Device Stage Visual Editor Windows Phone Recovery Tool Adobe Flash Player Standalone Messenger Plus Community Toolbar Clover setup 1.0.101 for computer Eltek network I suppose I could write a script to copy them to the directories, but was hoping there was something simpler that I've overlooked in SAS's documentation.

Answered 03/29/2011 by: mstarks67 Please log in to comment Please log in to comment 1 The response from SAS Support is as follows. snapshot installation of Graph and remove SASV9.CFG file from capture C. Answers 1 I have recently done this installation. My bad with the CODE tags.

I have been able to develop a command line that I have in a VB script. navigate here It appears that with this information I am getting a successful install. I will post our findings at a later time. The first condition is controlled by a switch which is 5480.exe /REMOVE 1.

Nevertheless, a good understanding of how all of the different classy abstractions are implemented and projected into various programming languages can only help you write more efficient applications and better diagnose The /winrt option is the key and indicates that the IDL file contains Windows Runtime types rather than traditional COM or RPC-style interface definitions. So at least I know they are PE-header files. Check This Out The 9.2 version of SAS does not allow for base to be installed without access, this has changed with the maintenance version 9.2m C.

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The command-line to facilitate the install is as follows, ….setup.exe -provision -nomsupdate -wait -quiet -datalocation %SYSR%\temp -responsefile "C:\sdwresponse.properties" -loglevel 2 1. –provision , is required but I do not remember why

I cannot find a place in the response file to automate the choosing of the DVDs??? You'll (eventually) find scripting to be a pre-requisite in a packager's arsenal. Only the component really knows how many outstanding references are being held so the COM runtime can call its DllCanUnloadNow function to determine whether it’s safe to unload. There’s effectively no interface inheritance in the Windows Runtime.

Answered 10/29/2008 by: inr32 Please log in to comment Please log in to comment 1 Sorry if I'm jacking this thread...if I am, I'll post a new one, but this may There are so many child processes that tries to run (deoploywiz.exe, jre.exe, setup.exe etc) that as soon as your wrapper is finished installing the setup of deployment wizard that it thinks However, this approach quickly becomes rather impractical. this contact form Ok, fine, maybe I can work around the installer being a smartass.

However, when you create a component to use with JavaScript or C++, you need to be aware of differences in the way those languages support the Windows Runtime.Walkthrough: Creating a Simple Thanks for this advice. But that would depend on what you're trying to capture.